Through the process of visualisation, buildings and sites are transporting from reality into a digital environment where it can be viewed and transformed into a variety of graphic or visual formats. RealVisuals provides renders from your buildings for the purpose of movie clips or interactive virtual tours, to concept renders for design and development projects, as well as short clips with animations.

We focus on

Construction: Time saving and easy to access service. To quickly obtain accurate plans of a building.

Built heritage: Accuracy of the measured plans. The ability to capture every little detail of a building.

Documentary photography

A photographic reportage that provides a straightforward and accurate representation of a building or site, in either high resolution photography or panoramic photography (horizontally elongated fields of view).

Rendering from reality

3D reconstruction and texturing based on actual buildings and sites (mesh to render), resulting in clips or virtual tours through digital (reconstructed) sites.

Concept Rendering

Photorealistic images and movies of development projects.


Short videos with animated features, such as characters, weather changing simulation, evolution of the construction process in a digital environment.

Visual monitoring

By planning several drone recording and/or 3D laser scanning sessions of buildings, possible changes in the state of conservation can be detected. The combination of data collection methods ensures geometrical accuracy, while providing access to those parts of a building that are traditionally more difficult to access.

An overview of our services


  • CAD and PDF version
  • orthophotography
  • different levels of detail
  • professional template

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  • 3D point clouds
  • photogrammetry
  • interactive 3D model
  • digital inspection
  • BIM

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  • documentary photography
  • rendering from reality
  • concept rendering
  • animations
  • visual monitoring

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  • geometric
  • geo-information

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  • futureproof your buildings
  • always up-to-date
  • customised advice

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