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RealVisuals provides custom advise to ensure that your valuable buildings are safely documented in a digital environment. Especially in light of the digital transformation of our society and the increasing effects of climate change on our heritage, there is a logical advantage in making the built environment at least digitally proof for hazards.

Futureproof your buildings

Our support in creating (or improving) data ensures that your valued buildings are digitally futureproofed, which is in line with ongoing European investment priorities in digitalising the construction sector and opens a door to the new European ambitions of creating a digital building logbook.

Always up-to-date

To keep pace with the changing 3D documentation landscape, and understand the data requirements to make your buildings futureproofed – you might need a guide. Fortunately, RealVisuals knows the way.

Our experts will walk you through the pitfalls of over-simplified representations or superfluous information, and issues in actually capturing the architectural quality, scale or materials in a digitalised model based on the specificities of your valuable building (stock). Together we can develop flexible short- and long-term documentation strategies ranging from a few weeks to several years.

Up close and personal consultancy

Alongside the different steps in the data capture, processing and storage process, RealVisuals also advises on how to import and integrate existing data (historical records, analogue plans, survey drawings and points clouds) into a new and updated documentation project.

Next to a very practical overview of our state-of-the-art documentation technologies and tools, we provide reference works and examples – so you can keep focussing on your building management, refurbishment, renovation or restoration activities.

RealVisuals’ consultancy services can be further developed into 3D documentation services with a one-stop-shop for your building-related data, which can aid you with the day-to-day management and future plans of your valuable building (stock). We offer one central platform for the digital models of your buildings where you can easily navigate through physical building characteristics, architectural qualities or perform measurements.

An overview of our services


  • CAD and PDF version
  • orthophotography
  • different levels of detail
  • professional template

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  • 3D point clouds
  • photogrammetry
  • interactive 3D model
  • digital inspection
  • BIM

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  • visual monitoring
  • videos and animations
  • 360° virtual tours
  • photogrammetry for high resolution orthophotos
  • rendering
  • pointcloud art

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  • geometric
  • geo-information

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  • futureproof your buildings
  • always up-to-date
  • customised advice

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Your 2D or 3D plan

  • accurate, fast and metrically correct
  • directly usable by architects and building professionals

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