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Measured surveys of buildings or sites result in accurate data that is presented at a reduced scale. We deliver the resulting 2D measured plans, sections and elevations according to an agreed level of detail, to acceptable accuracy tolerances, scale, delivery times and costs.

CAD and PDF version

Digital 2D drawings (without z-coordinates) in a CAD programme (.dwg and .vwx), as well as PDF exported versions.


2D images (HDR quality) which can be used in a CAD environment as images, but not as drawings.

Different levels of detail

Plans, sections and elevations can be delivered in different detailing based on your project needs. This can range from low detailing for volume studies or demolition dossiers, to basic detailing for urban planning applications, or high architectural detailing for refurbishment, renovation or restoration projects.

Professional template

All drawings are delivered in our template, designed to make our drawings clear to read and easy adaptable for your custom template.

Each level has its own structure of layers with accompanying color code, depending on the requested level of detail. Our template consists of 10 main layers, each with its own thickness to make the drawing easy to read.

TAW conform

Measured drawings can be made TAW conform, which refers to the ‘Tweede Algemene Waterpassing’, the Belgian height reference plane.

An overview of our services


  • CAD and PDF version
  • orthophotography
  • different levels of detail
  • professional template

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  • 3D point clouds
  • photogrammetry
  • interactive 3D model
  • digital inspection
  • BIM

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  • visual monitoring
  • videos and animations
  • 360° virtual tours
  • photogrammetry for high resolution orthophotos
  • rendering
  • pointcloud art

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  • geometric
  • geo-information

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  • futureproof your buildings
  • always up-to-date
  • customised advice

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Your 2D or 3D plan

  • accurate, fast and metrically correct
  • directly usable by architects and building professionals

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