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On Friday 16th March, RealVisuals was to be retrieved in the Atheneum of Antwerp on at the colloquium of the non-profit organisation Gorduna. As 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage, a lot has happened in 40-years time since the Monumental Year in 1975.


The non-profit organisation Gorduna is the discussion forum for anyone active within heritage conservation and restoration.

At the colloquium “Erfgoed Pass(i)é”, our method of working and vision got connected with the conversation topics, as we strive for achieving to improve the measuring process of restoration and interior design.


Throughout the whole day, speakers from different architecture agencies and organisations such as Europa Nostra and Toerisme Vlaanderen* guided us through the history of 40 years of heritage, urban development, heritage care and the origin of heritage tourism.

We studied to what degree heritage has been dealt with on multiple levels. Different solutions were reviewed in order for heritage to be endured and recognized on an international, national and urban level.

In terms of efficiency and detail, 3D scans are an added value to the measuring process. That’s why it was interesting for our team, next to our sponsorship, to perceive what exists in the world of heritage today. Next to that, we also observed how we could contribute to that existence of heritage.


The future of heritage is insured with the arrival of 2D drawings and 3D animation thanks to 3D laserscanning. We devote ourselves to a full digital visualisation and presentation of all projects and animations.

Not only monuments will gain a longer or new life. Other restoration projects will also relish in the newest 3D measurement technique, together with the immediate data processing.

With projects for national and international references, the emphasis on heritage has been set.


Gorduna vzw acknowledges the restoration architect as a specialism of architecture. Next to that, Gorduna stimulates the good fellowship between its members and restoration architects in general. In doing so, the organisation shares information and knowledge by building a network.


RealVisuals focuses on the architecture world and construction sector. We provide appropriate 2D and 3D views of construction projects and we deliver digital plans of the existing patrimony.