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As a Doctor of Civil Engineering with a soft spot for Modern Movement Architecture, Aziliz clicks her expertise in built heritage documentation with the data capture we provide from RealVisuals. On location. In-house.

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By capturing the unique and specific needs of each heritage building or site, Aziliz translates these into training on heritage innovation in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, South America and the Western Balkans.

Since 2017, Aziliz teaches and coordinates a course at the University of Leuven on the highly specialised subject of built heritage documentationrecording and information systems.

By means of lectures and hands-on survey excesses, the students gain knowledge and experience in documenting the reality of existing buildings and built heritage sites, which are characterised by complex geometries, different layers of interventions and changes in constructive systems.

Her involvement in various international conferences, articles and books on built heritage is an added value in the academic heritage world.


While we are experts, the atmosphere is never over-competitive or over-structured and hierarchical. We have a very down-to-earth attitude, meaning we are eager to learn every day from each other – but also from working on a diversity of documentation projects. Personally, I consider that built heritage projects require many crafts – and documentation is one of them.

It is our task to define the best survey strategy and documentation methods by understanding the specific needs of clients for their restoration and conservation projects.Aziliz Vandesande

The fact you get to be creative about it (think alpinism!) or get to think about strategies that include state-of-the-art technologies, is just the dream working environment for me!

Whether it is “The House of an Art Lover” by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Rock-Hewn Churches of Tigray in Ethiopia, the Cultural Centre in Dilbeek or the International Fair of Tripoli in Beirut by Oscar Niemeyer, — my list of buildings that I would like to (re)document is endless, in all honesty.



We are always eager to find solutions with you. From 3D scanning surveys to 2D plans, orthophotos, BIM models and visualisations. Anything to enhance time and focus on your core business.

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