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It’s all in the details for tech-savvy Master in Heritage Architecture Jimena. Together with our colleague Stéphanie, she is responsible for the BIM and 3D modelling branch of RealVisuals.

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From studying architecture in Colombia, including one year in Florence – the city where her interest in heritage began – to a Master’s Degree in Conservation of Monuments and Sites at KU Leuven, Jimena’s passion for heritage conservation continues to grow. As a Master’s intern in Spain, Jimena worked closely with the Botin Foundation and World Monuments Fund Spain on heritage-led innovation.
Thanks to her involvement as a facilitator in the ArchDOC, Jimena is also experienced in documentation and surveying of built heritage. Her 3D modelling and visualisation knowledge was unveiled right here.


The work that RealVisuals does, for me, is where many of my professional passions join: my interest in digitalisation, 3d modelling and visualisation; my knowledge of architecture and heritage, but also my curiosity to know more about buildings by understanding them spatially; and my awareness on the potential and the need for innovation in the sector.

Exploring and getting to know the heritage field in Belgium as an international professional, I started seeing RealVisuals everywhere I looked. What they do pleases many colleagues and companies. Their work also showed a high quality and they always seem to be in different locations. “That’s a job I’d like to do,” I thought. Once I got to know the team, I felt a professional chemistry right away.

No matter the size or complexity of a project, it will be approached by the right team member(s). As a result, quality and accurate results are paramount, while the work is done efficiently.

I think RealVisuals makes a great effort in consolidating a team with competent and passionate professionals with different backgrounds.

Ah, what do I want to scan with RealVisuals? The Duomo of Florence! But I also like La Casa Ricarda in Spain, with its organic shapes and modern architecture. In addition, the Central Station of Antwerp and the art nouveau houses in Brussels, such as The Cauchie House, have a high ranking on my list.

La Casa Ricarda, Spain | Images by Michele Curel


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