Future 3D 1

What's next...

Sneak Peak of our new developments.

Technology doesn't stop moving... neither do we!
A new way of projectpresentation can be generated by combining 3D meshes with high-grade textures and drawn 3D models.
A building doesn't have to be drawn fully and this is the best option if you want to accentuate a fun object or detail!
With our Scan to Mesh service we can provide high-grade meshes, through photogrammetry or static scantechnique. Below you can find an example of a 3D mesh from an altar that has been placed in the project.

Following options are a possibility:

- Stereoscopic images for VR purposes
- 3D panoramic images watchable on several media
- 360° video-images
- Stand-alone version of your project, controllable with a game controllor or VR glasses

Other services