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3D Laserscanning

RealVisuals scans on-site and provides accurate 3D visuals thanks to high performance 3D-laserscanners.

3D scanning makes it possible to realistically render an existing situation. A 3D-scanner makes an image of a three dimensional environment like a camera with a flash would. As a bonus, every registered point has a measurable distance to the scanner itself. The result presents a three dimensional pointcloud, which can be used as a base for, for example, CAD-utilisations. Software enables us to extract information from this pointcloud, which can be provided to our clients if wished for.

Currently our team utilises two 3D scanners manufactured by Faro.

Some advantages of 3D scanning:
- Efficient and swift registering of buildings and sites
- Cost-effective, one-time presence on location
- The scandata gives us the availability of extra information that can be provided at later dates

Other services



Measurement of existing situation for upgrading of Gravensteen
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Stadhuis Antwerpen

3D laserscanning for digitalisation existing historic structures
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Dok Noord betoncentrale

3D scanning van deze opmerkelijke structuur in de haven van Gent
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Place des bienfaiteurs

Scanning for restauration purpose
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Cathedral of our lady, Antwerp

3D laserscanning for restauration purpose sculptures
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