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Technology doesn't stop moving... neither do we!
A new way of projectpresentation can be generated by combining 3D meshes with high-grade textures and drawn 3D models.
A building doesn't have to be drawn fully and this is the best option if you want to accentuate a fun object or detail!
With our Scan to Mesh  service we can provide high-grade meshes, through photogrammetry or static scantechnique. Below you can find an example of a 3D mesh from an altar that has been placed in the project.

Following options are a possibility:

- Stereoscopic images for VR purposes
- 3D panoramic images watchable on several media
- 360° video-images
- Stand-alone version of your project, controllable with a game controllor or VR glasses

Other services


3D laserscanning


Scan to Plan

Parochiekerk Sint-Lambertus, Kwaadmechelen, Ham | 3D-animation side view

Scan to Model


3D Presentation


3D Mapping


Opera Ghent

Opera Ghent

Scanning for public tender

Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp

Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp

3D laserscanning for restauration purpose sculptures

Place des Bienfaiteurs

Place des Bienfaiteurs

Scanning for restauration purpose

Antwerp City Hall

Antwerp City Hall

3D laserscanning for digitalisation existing historic structures

Basilique Saint-Quentin

Basilique Saint-Quentin

Mapping of existing situation for restoration purposes